Hotel Books Announces November 1st Release Date for New Album ‘Equivalancy II: Everything We Left Out’

Hotel Books’ new album “Equivalency II: Everything We Left Out” will be in stores November 1st via InVogue Records. The new album features 13 new tracks from spoken word poems to the classic hotel books sound.

The first single “I Hope I’m Not Wrong” will be hitting digital service providers on October 11th. You can get early access to the single now by pre-ordering the new album at

“We’ve been developing Hotel Books now for the past 5 years and this collection of songs & poems is by far one of my favorite collections of Cam’s work. He really poured his heart and soul into these tracks and it’s best to listen to this album straight through with the lyrics. Hotel Books is a very special talent and there isn’t anyone out there like them,” says InVogue Records owner Nick Moore.