JACKYL @ Green Bay Distillery – Green Bay, WI

JACKYL @ Green Bay Distillery – Green Bay, WI

November 23, 2019

Review by Makena Betler
Photos by David Urmanski

Jesse James Dupree – Vocals & Guitar
Jeff Worley – Guitar
Roman Glick – Bass
Chris Worley – Drums

No stranger to the Tundraland, Jackyl made a triumphant return to the Green Bay Distillery Saturday night. The Green Bay Distillery was also the honorable evening host of local causes The Tommy Foundation and the VFW Unmet Needs Program supported by Post 2037 of Green Bay. The Tommy Foundation was started in honor of the bassist of local rock band Annex, Tommy Steinbruecker, who tragically passed away in a motorcycle accident in 2003. Tommy started playing guitar at a young age, showing his undeniable passion for music. In memory of Tommy, The Tommy Foundation now raises money to support local youth by donating musical instruments to kids each year with four kids receiving the gift of music in 2019. Two recipients from previous years also did their part to help hype the crowd for Jackyl by taking the stage as performing members of the opening act.

As expected, based on previous experience at the venue over the years, Jackyl fans waited patiently for hours to see their favorite 90’s southern-rock band. Once the doors opened, fans frantically rushed to the stage in hopes of claiming their front row spot. Formed in 1991, Jackyl hails from Kennesaw, Georgia and made quite the name for themselves with the release of their debut album, Jackyl, under the Geffen Records label in 1992. The self-titled album instantly went platinum with songs like “Dirty Little Mind”, “When Will It Rain” and epic expression “The Lumberjack”. While many retailers refused to sell the album due to inappropriate lyrical content and sexual innuendos, the backlash did not hold frontman, Jesse James Dupree, and his bandmates back as they did what they do best and took it to the road and even made an impromptu stop to perform in the parking lot of a Kmart store with footage from the performance appearing shortly thereafter upon the band’s music video release of “I Stand Alone”. At that point, Jackyl proved to be invincible with four singles from their first album, a dedicated fan following and sold out shows for years to follow.

Straight out of the Georgia mud, Jackyl brought a performance like no other Saturday night. The mix of southern rock music and Jesse James Premium Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey shots was the perfect recipe for what proved to be one hell of a wild night. Since their debut album, Jackyl has never held back when it comes to their sexual approach to song-writing. Songs like “Down on Me” and “When Will It Rain” are always fan favorites and by performing their classic hits early on, Jesse and the boys brought the crowded room to a roar and kept it there for 90-plus minutes with ceaseless crowd singalongs throughout the entire set.

Halfway through the show, Jesse welcomed two local veterans to the stage with open arms as the band has always been an advocate for veterans in need and strong supporter of the men and women who serve, and have served, in the United States armed forces. The duo from Post 2037 were in attendance to help raise money and awareness for the VFW Unmet Needs Program through ticket and merchandise sales. The VFW Unmet Needs Program helps veterans and their families with unforeseen financial strains that can take a toll on the military members and their loved ones. Intended for both active-duty military as well as veterans, this program also provides grants to assist recipients with basic life needs to include everyday essentials such as transportation to and from work, mortgage and car payments, food and clothing expenses, medical bills or any expense classified as a ‘basic life need.’ For more information or to make a donation, please visit the VFW Unmet Needs Program website here. Showing support for this great cause, Jesse proudly sported a Post 2037 shirt for the remainder of the show.

Numerous times throughout the evening, Jesse referred to the crowd of concert-goers as family and the evening festivities as a family reunion. Such an inference cannot simply be mistaken as mere statement from a frontman who was caught up in the moment. Anyone who has attended a Jackyl concert in the past, knows that these are words to live by and Jesse James Dupree does not take them lightly. It truly felt like everyone in the room was reuniting to celebrate an epic band with kick-ass music and some wonderful, local causes to stand behind. When bands play the same music for 20-plus years, the passion can be easily lost. This has never been, nor will ever be, the case with Jackyl. Their high-energy performance was like a full-on rampage from the second they stepped on stage to the final goodbye.

Iconic and chaotic number, “The Lumberjack”, was an obvious choice to end the evening. Jesse riled up the audience by revving up his chainsaw throughout the song and cutting a wooden stool in half while covering guitarist, Jeff Worley, in sawdust. For the grand finale, Dupree smashed the crucified stool from one end of the stage to the other before aiming his shotgun-turned-microphone stand to the ceiling, firing his load and leaving the stage in a cloud of smoke. While an act like this may leave an average concert-goer dumbstruck, the Jackyl family ate it up and awarded the demolition with an abundance of accolades.

My Moonshine Kicks Your Cocaine’s Ass
Mental Masturbation
Down on Me
Back Off Brother
Dumbass Country Boy
Push Comes to Shove
Just Because I’m Drunk
Secret of The Bottle
I Stand Alone
When Will It Rain
Dirty Little Mind
Horns Up
Headed for Destruction
Cut the Crap
Lumberjack Song

1 = Poor
2 = Average
3 = Good
4 = Excellent
5 = Extraordinary

JACKYL Concert Rating: 5