SHINEDOWN @ Fiserv Forum – Milwaukee, WI

SHINEDOWN @ Fiserv Forum – Milwaukee, WI

March 8, 2019

Review by David Urmanski
Photos by David Urmanski


Brent Smith – Vocals
Zach Myers – Guitar & Vocals
Eric Bass – Bass & Vocals
Barry Kerch -Drums

American rock band, Shinedown, were welcomed with open arms at the Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee Friday night in support of their ATTENTION ATTENTION world tour which kicked off in late-February in their home state of Florida. Teaming up with Papa Roach and Asking Alexandria as part of a 55-city tour, this tremendous trio reached deep to give the packed house every ounce of energy the fans deserved for this highly anticipated show.

In fact, Shinedown is no stranger to Wisconsin and proves to be a regular staple at various concert venues throughout the state, whether it be as a headlining favorite at the popular summer music festival, Rock USA, in Oshkosh or more intimate settings like the Green Bay Distillery in Green Bay where they performed as Smith & Myers of Shinedown just over a year ago. If the truth be told, as witnessed again Friday evening, Shinedown continues to live up to their reputation of providing a high-energy performance, momentous and unforgettable riffs, a thunderous rhythm section and precision vocals leaving adoring fans wanting more long after the stage lights go down.

When it comes to visual appeal, Shinedown’s stage production was equally impressive with stimulating scenery featuring pyrotechnics, lasers, well-timed lighting and a catwalk used to give as many concert-goers on the general admission floor a close up perspective of the band performing their most notable hits in stupendous fashion. As recurring protocol, Shinedown frontman, Smith, addressed the crowd early on in the set to encourage the fans to “look to your left” and “look to your right” in attempt to get them to shake hands and reciprocate high fives.

Once the precedence was set to respect those around you and rally around what can easily be deemed the best band in modern rock music today, the congregation seated and standing around the Shinedown pulpit moved forward with magnanimous gratitude for being part of something that is so much bigger than just a band performing live music at a local concert venue. For that moment in time, these music fans embodied the same admiration for the four guys on stage that the band extends back to their fans time and time again with each song written and every show performed. A promise that music will continue to break down barriers and bring people together in a way no other medium can. Music compels people to move forward in life with confidence, positivity and a sense of belonging. Shinedown exemplifies what music has to offer and for that reason I will continue to support them and their fans. Until next time Shinedown…we anxiously await your return!


“Diamond Eyes”
“Black Soul”
“I’ll Follow You”
“Get Up”
“Call Me”
“How Did You Love”
“Second Chance”
“Simple Man” (Lynyrd Skynyrd cover)


“Cut The Cord”
“Sound of Madness”
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2 = Average
3 = Good
4 = Excellent
5 = Extraordinary

SHINEDOWN Concert Rating: 5


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The Fiserv Forum is a new multi-purpose arena in downtown Milwaukee. The Wisconsin Entertainment and Sports Center is much more than just the new home for the Milwaukee Bucks basketball. Designed to reflect the heritage, history and personality of Milwaukee while actively projecting progress, accessibility and a renewed sense of community, this state of the art, 714,000 square foot arena is the hub of entertainment in Wisconsin and the engine that drives growth in downtown Milwaukee.

Why Fiserv?
At Fiserv, we believe in putting our signature on our work, the mark of our commitment to excellence in everything we do. We’re proud to partner with the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks as we put our name on this visible symbol of partnership, connection and community. Proud to be first to amplify the role of financial services technology in this way, and to call more attention to the importance of technology in the advancement of financial and payment experiences.

Even more proud to shine a brighter light on the vital role our clients play in helping their customers move money and information with ease, speed and convenience. “We are excited for this unprecedented opportunity to elevate and further differentiate our brand in support of our purpose of delivering value and excellence to our clients every day.” Jeff Yabuki, Fiserv President and CEO

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What's in a Name?
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